A Simple Plan: Experts

Benefits of Blending Experiential Marketing to Your Traditional Marketing Strategies.

The craziness that comes with experiential marketing is been felt by millennials, they are not the only ones though. When it comes to experiencing actual experiences, all generations are favoring it as compared to holding it off for the future. For this reason most people are curious to know what experiential marketing really is. It really has no major difference with the traditional marketing ways, but it has a touch of the 21st century update.

It is advisable to consider integrating experiential marketing campaigns to the marketing strategies you have in place. Considering people have been using events which are live and also carrying out promotions which are special, experiential marketing involves promotional marketing.

Research has shown that 80% of marketers view live events play an important role in their marketing strategies. Close to 77 % of marketers are for the idea that one should use experiential marketing in the strategies they are using for marketing.

During live events, one gets to mingle with colleagues and potential clients. When undertaking special promotions, it is a good opportunity for one to feed their cravings for the new and novel and also remove the thought of missing out. There are many benefits that come with experiential marketing including a chance to meet individuals that are like minded, be seen by other people and a chance to see other people.

There are several experiential marketing campaigns examples, which show how the present blends with the classic. Such an example is New York museum of ice cream, the founder Maryllis Bunn uses experiential branding in her savvy branding, which is very lavish. This has earned her a title of been referred as the walt Disney of the millennials. When it comes to New York museum of ice cream, every part of its station provides perfect views for Instagram photos. When you visit the swimming pool of the museum it sparkles containing the colors of the rainbow and also a candy cave.

A part from following the traditional marketing strategies, the museum has invested a lot on visual branding. By them applying the experiential marketing, they have been nominated for two webby awards. Another nominee for the award is Guggenheim museum.

There are many benefits of experiential marketing when incorporated to the marketing strategies you already have in place. Do not forget to have the promotions and content used in traditional marketing when launching a product. The trick is to have a product introduced to the market in a way that you customers will never forget. To make sure that your product reaches to many audience as possible, you can offer some incentives to your customers so that they can spread the word.