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Best Italian Movies of All Times

Italy being a very beautiful place, you do not want it to miss out on your bucket list. This is a country with not only good food but also culture ,fashion ,film and great romance. There is a beauty that comes with watching Italian films that you do not want to miss out on. With that said, you want to take your time and shop around so that you get to have a clue of what movies to grab in order to enjoy the Italian film taste. The six movies mentioned below are some of the best Italian movies of all times.

The first movie on the list is Life is Beautiful. This is not your usual feel good fare. The movie focuses on a man who tries to teach his young son about how people are still good. Due to the WWII setting, this message is rendered particularly powerful and poignant.

La Dolcevita is the second movie on the list. This is one of the most watched Italian films and the last thing you want is to miss out on it. This is the movie responsible for the term paparazzi. It focuses on a photographer following the statue of Jesus across the city. As much as there are destruction during the process of trying to follow the statue, the camera crew is determined to complete the mission at hand. The whole movie focuses on the crossroads between modern Italian culture and ancient Rome. If you have not yet done your homework on this movie, you want to do so and enjoy the fun that come with watching it.

81/2 is the other popular Italian movie that you have to watch. The movie perfectly captures the Italian spirit and all Italy has to offer in different aspects. Watching such movies will help you know more about what Italy has to offer.

The other Italian movie you have to watch is Today, Yesterday and tomorrow. As w all know, Italy is always termed as a city of love. Italians have different ways of expressing love. This movie follows three different women in three different parts of the country and the different relationship styles they lure. If you are on an Italian vacation, this movie will never disappoint you.

You also want to consider watching the Battle of Algiers. It focuses on the influence of colonialism. In addition, it helps appreciate Italys place in the global history.

Laventtura is the other movie on the list that you want to watch. It majorly talks about discomfort and ennui of modern times. You do not want to be left out on this.

In a nut shell, the movies mentioned above are among the best of all times.