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Common Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Businesses in Oregon encounter many difficulties. Previously, the most burdening of challenges was paying very high taxes. Unluckily, the new taxing plan is not friendly either. In return, businesses have opted to create new strategies to reduce their costs. The following are the most popular marketing trends that are likely to be seen in 2017.

A good strategy for guaranteed success is that of outsourcing. Businesses often have a fear of outsourcing for various reasons. To most, it is a waste of money as they can achieve all their tasks with the workers and information found within the company. Despite the fears, it is a strategy that will be trendy in the industry in the future.

It will spread in many states including Oregon. Although the Trump presidency is limiting the outsourcing strategy by protectionist laws, it has numerous benefits to small business owners. Elevated taxes can deter this strategy. This can cripple the economy as a result of businesses having high operational costs. Besides, many companies understand the benefits of having a professional that understands new strategies. That is the reason companies are consulting professionals like Silverback strategies to devise new plans and set objectives. As a business owner, hire consultants that you can trust to evade wastage of time and money. You can find them online and through referrals.

Entrepreneurs have also developed a liking for mobile trends. Small companies benefit more from mobile traffic than the normal. A business website cannot lack to attract customers. Hence, many are optimizing their websites to include mobile search and improving on features such as user experiences and form entry. Mobile strategies also comes in handy in advertising where companies can reach thousands of mobile users and create a local reputation.

Content marketing is another effective strategy. Another useful approach is content marketing. Previously, it was considered marginal but it is now a favorite for businesses. Companies understand the importance of SEO tools particularly at the local level and modify their content to fit the tools. Companies value strong and updated blogs as this is a way to sell fresh content to their audience. More so, they know the value of informing clients through guest blogging where all content is for free.

Video advertising is also popular. Small companies can now send videos to customers through YouTube and Facebook. Research shows that videos attract seven times as many clients as other content.

Above all, retaining customers is indeed important. This can be done by having loyalty programs in place. The tactic is applicable to small and large institutions such as banks. For instance, banking institutions post adverts and videos showing their effect in the community and that extends their popularity.

Businesses are embracing change this year by use of new strategies to make them competitive in 2017. Companies are adopting new techniques to propel them to gain competitive advantage this year. The approaches should target customer connection. They ought to entail loyalty and reward programs and interaction via social media.

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